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Epobond Epoxy Clear

Epobond Epoxy Clear

Epobond Epoxy Clear is a fast transparent, versatile with high adhesive strength.

It provides a strong and permanent bond to metal, wood, rubber, most plastics, ceramic, marble, granite, stone, concrete, paper, cork and textiles. In addition to this it is also suitable for fixing PVC, methyl acrylate, PU- polystyrene, synthetic- polycarbonate and polyamide materials. It is not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon. Epobond Epoxy Clear is used not only for fixing but also for filling holes and for repairing.


    • Surface must be clean dry and free of oil, grease and rust. To obtain better results surfaces should be sanded before application.
    • Squeeze equal quantity of resin and hardener and Mix for 30-60 seconds. Mix only what can used in 4 minutes time.
    • Apply mixture on both surfaces to be repaired, when bonding two surfaces only slight pressure is required while product sets. Epobond Epoxy Clear has excellent resistance to gas, oil, detergents and chemicals.
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