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Epobond fast 480

Epobond fast 480

Epobond fast CX-480 is a medium viscosity, black rubbertoughened cyanoacrylate adhesive. CX-480 displays excellent peel and impact strength and is well suited to applications involving vibration, thermal shock, temperature cycling and high humidity


    Epobond fast CX-480 is specially formulated to provide a more fiexible bond than standard cyanoacrylates. CX-480 can be used up to 105°C and has intermittent temperature resistance up to 125°C. CX-480 can be used to bond a wide variety of substrates including metals, plastics, rubbers, etc. CX-480 can be used on PCB’s to provide strain relief on components


    Bond speed is very fast so ensure that parts are properly aligned before bonding. Chemence Activators may be required if there are gaps or porous surfaces. Some plastics may require application of AP 50 Primer. Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease. Product is normally hand applied from the bottle. Apply sparingly to one surface and press parts firmly together until handling strength is achieved. As a general rule, as little cyanoacrylate as possible should be used – over application will result in slow cure speed and lower bond strength. Please contact your Epobond representative for further advice on dispensing solutions.


    Store in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Refrigeration to 5°C gives optimum storage stability

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