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Epobond-Lock TS-1577

Epobond-Lock TS-1577

Epobond-Lock TS-1577is a single component, low-medium strength, anaerobic pipe sealant. TS-1577 is a very high viscosity, thixotropic pipe sealing paste possessing high Iubricity. TS-1577 cures when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces.


    Epobond-Lock TS-1577is formulated to lock and seal medium to coarse straight and tapered pipe threads on pipes of diameter from 15mm to 80mm. TS-1577 prevents vibration loosening and leakage through the pipe threads. TS-1577 is formulated to give medium strength break torque, but lower prevail torque on assembled joints, thus enabling easier disassembly and servicing. Pipe joints made with TS-1577 should be tightened to the specified torque within a maximum of 15 minutes from initial assembly. TS-1577 will give an almost instant low-pressure seal (up to 2 Bar after 20mins.) and when fully cured will seal up to the bursting pressure of the pipe (e.g. 10,000psi).


    TS-1577 is suitable for most straight and tapered pipe threads of medium to coarse pitch, from ø15mm to ø 80mm pipe. TS-1577 will not cure outside the joint and is virtually non-fouling in most types of pipe systems. Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease. Apply adhesive to all engaged threads, although to minimise excess adhesive inside the joint, apply adhesive only to the male part, leaving the first two threads clear. Assemble parts and allow to cure. Wipe excess adhesive from outside of joint. Product is normally hand applied from the bottle. Dispensing systems are available for high volume assembly applications. Please contact your Epobond representative for further advice on dispensing solutions.


    Optimal storage conditions are between 8˚C and 21˚C .Storage outside this temperature range can adversely affect product properties and affect the stated shelf life

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