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EPOBOND UV 5253 is a single component, high viscosity adhesive formulated for bonding glass to glass and glass to metal. It cures rapidly to give a clear bond when exposed to UV-light (@365nm - see curing mechanism)


    • EPOBOND UV 5253 is suited to applications requiring a tough cured polymer and rapid bonding. EPOBOND UV 5253 gives medium-high strength bonding of glass and glass to metal. Typical uses include glass ornaments, jewellery assembly and bonding glass furniture and displays.


    EPOBOND UV-curing adhesives are very sensitive to I-IV-light. As such, measures must be taken to protect the adhesive from exposure to UV-light from the lamp, sunlight and artificial lighting to prevent unwanted curing.

    The adhesives should be applied to clean, dry parts. Once the adhesive is applied, the parts can be positioned correctly and then exposed to UV-light to initiate curing.Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease. Apply adhesive to one surface, bring parts together and expose the bond area to UV-light.Ensure that all of the bond is exposed.Excess adhesive can be wiped away with EPOBOND LA-70 Safety Clean or alcohol.Product can be hand applied from the bottle. Dispensing systems are also available for high volume assembly applications. Feed lines for the dispensing system must have black, UV-opaque tubing to avoid adhesive curing in the lines. Please contact your EPOBOND representative for further advice on dispensing solutions

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